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Ancientone 古い1 つは学生常にである

Ancientone은 항상 학생 이다

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I've attended school, K-12 and earned a B.S. in Psychology, specializing in Clinical Psy. I shall be continuing my graduate studies shortly. My advocation is Vertebrate Paleontology, specially the ceratopsins and tyrannosaurs. I have "tried" to play the violin, viola, string bass ( Loved that one!), electric Bass ( hated that one ) and decided on listening. It's better for all "ears" around. Another advocation is programing in Fortran,Cobol, assembling computers. I love Samoyed dogs, and have provided a "Forever Home" to 5 of them. My current Sammy, "Odie", crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on November 27. He would have turned 15 on January 7th. We're trying to get scooter the kat, to be more social. yeah, right. lol
I just lost my brother Emil on Feb 15,2007. Now I'm the last one in my family. I also count my Catholic Faith as the greatest source of strenght and comfort. I have decided to actually visit some of the countries I really am interested in. Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. But, school will come first. a lot of writting to catch up on. Life changes. I just lost Scooter the cat on February 4, 2021. Now, i'm all alone in my house, with just the outside critters and a whole wonderful group of loving friends. Life can be so good.

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