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YAY, we can all play from now till Sunday night. Then, get ready for W.O.R.K.. boo hiss.
Today is grocery day and a fun one it will be. YAY. Yesterday i walked up to the avenue wearing only a light spring jacket. it got up to 65 degrees!   Today, 41 degrees and dropping with rain, snow and sleet in the forecast. it's going to be a mess. A good weekend to stay indoors, some where, and play and have fun.
Unless your going to the grocery store, then not so much fun, but interesting.
Last night i Watched "It came from Hell", and started to watch " The hideous sun demon".  I actually saw these two films on a local TV station, back in 1950's, or early 1960's.
So now, get ready for winters' last blast of this year. YAY.
I'm off