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Here it is , Saturday, with snow on the ground and 24 degrees

This is no way to start a spring, or end a winter! But, We seem to have moved into a most dramatic climate over the course of a few decades.  Interesting to say the least.  Hopefully, we can all adjust to it.
We had a great club meeting last night with a member presenting a talk about his solar panels. It was very informative, and well thought out too, i may add.  It's always a pleasure to see a well contructed and engineered project come to completion.  a nice way to start off the weekend.
Now if only mother nature would lighten up a tad...
So now today, back to the access database. I spent a few hours entering data only find out it wasn't coming through the print view??????
so try again.
oh well. I can always make up my own data base with MS Works.
ok, I'm off

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