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Yes, its "Read or Die", the animation.

Now thats a really nice anime to see. "Read or Die".  So here we are, "Blue Monday", except , it's not Blue. YAY. WE HAVE SNOW COMING LATER TONIGHT THROUGH TOMORROW. YAY Us.
Had a pleasent Easter. Had dinner with my neighbor and before we even started, my pal Rich showed up to chat and work on my data base. So, I walked across the street and told him I'd be gone for about 10 minutes and he could fix the stupid database thing. I then hurried accross the street and had dinner. She made beef stew with oodles of goodness in it. yum. and the Easter bunny left me a chocolate rabbit and a candberry Easter egg. It was a good day.
So now I have a new article for the newsletter that was sent to me yesterday. YAY. it's coming together really nicely.
ok, i'm off

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