Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, it wasn't Harry Potter, but...

Yes, I walked a whole mile to the bus stop, waited 24 minutes, and then had the ride of my life.( This should indicate how often I get out) got to the dr.s 7 minutes late, but they took me right in. everything was pretty good till they took my blood pressure 174/100. What the hell is that about? Well me and old dr. talked it over and we're going to see how the new medicine works out and then maybe change it come wednesday. Now thats a great way to really get your blood pressure up.
Otherwise, I had a pretty good day. I bough " The Mummy Returns". Man, this director is ok. It's not the best sequel I've see, but it certainly wasn't the worse. Now it's time to do "THE BIG WEB PAGE THING". Gosh, I'm sure putting that off.
ok, go already.

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