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Wow, what a difference in prices..

So, today was pretty good It rained and thundered and got so darn humid. yuck. But I managed to mow my neighbors and ours. Why in the world would any salesman sell a 6.5 horsepower lawnmower to a 82 year old lady I'll never understand. Her daughter, who is in contruction, can only mow just the rear lawn, and then has to sit it out. oh well. I did want to lose weight. AND I AM!!! yeahs. 52 ounces and counting. ah.... I finally decided on ordering from Rightstuf. They were cheaper, by far, even though thier shipping was a tad slow. I ordered Sunday and got it Thursday. BestBuy takes about that long.
Should I say what I got?
1. Crest of the Stars
2. Silent Mobius.
The complete collections. I know, compaired to DBZ or Gundam Wing, this is small fry. But hey, its good and techtv actually didn't edit that much out. Hearing all the main and end theme music was great.
Next....Trigun, Outlaw Star ( That series will always be on my top ten list), Gundam Wing. Have to wait and see. Maybe I can charge for mowing my neighbors lawn???

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