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It's official...."It's TGIF".

So the weekend is fast approaching, and is almost here. That means, Saint Patricks Day celebrations and green everything!  Except the cat. TIme to also watch "The Queit Man", one of my favorite movies of all time.  ( second only to Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ").
So there's a lot to do this coming weekend. "Can i actually get the newletter out within 48 hours?" can the cat let me sleep a whole night without waking me up to tell me his girlfriend is stairing at us through the bedroom window?  inquiring minds want to know. ( a.k.a. nosey parkers)
But it's going to be a nice weekend. No snow, and only a tad of cold weather.  Good weekend to party. Me? just me and meow scooter, and the albino skunk, and the fat possum and gosh knows what other critters visit me at night!
Have fun.
I'm off

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