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I'm one happy camper! Both of my favorites won oscars last night.

The Shape of water and the Darkest hour won. YAY. ( if i knew how to spell their names without butchering them, i would). But i only watched a little. i was waiting to receive an e-mail from people so i could update the database. Nope.  So off goes another e-mail from me.
But it's going to be a great week. I just put on my new jeans, and they fit!  Not snuggly either! Now, should i wear these out before i get another pair, or wait and see how much my body reduces itself? questions and they'll have to wait.
But its going to be a great week ( i already said that). we're returning to winter with a blast. YAY US.
get the shovel out!
ok, i'm off


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