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I really miss the old cartoons...

But  todays, "Toons", are ok. They do help pre-school kids learn a lot before they go to school. Thats good. Today is Happy Wednesday. Happy because I get to be a secreatary tonight, and get to wheel out the trash cart today. YAY me. I"m living the good life!
I'm late writting into this blog. Scooter the cat wanted special holding and petting this morning. He actually went to sleep on my lap. I thought i would let him have his moment or so of sleeping. in. A boy and his cat. "MEOW".
so today is kind of busy,  but its good to help out and use ones skills, talents ect.
also, to learn new stuff. thats the big pay off!   Sure, you can teach an old horse and dog new tricks.
I'm living proof!
Ok, i'm off