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Hey look! It's the Gargoyle gang.

So wow, it really snowed Saturday night. and Yesterday morning. There's a big difference between shoveling 1 inche of snow off a sidewalk, and shoveling 7 inches!  and its heavier too. My arm muscles hurn this morning. but i'm not done. got more to do today. Just before we get some more snow this whole week. Hey, this is starting to look like winter when i was a kid who had to walk to elementary school. The sidewalks' were flanked by huge piles of snow. Just like today. YAY.  I say that now, but wait till i have to shovel it.
Well, i didn't watch the superbowl last night. I played "Skyrim". I'm at a terrific level. I can slay a dragon with two hits from my sword. Look out for me!!
So today i have to catch up on a whole lot of secretary stuff, both for the club and my own Administration stuff. I'm starting to bring back the acknowlegement of the contributions folks have made to the western Michigan area. Should be fun. "Why am i the only one to think of doing this?".
ok, time to go shoveling.
I'm off

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