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Perfect!  Nothing like spend the night inside with a warm cuddly cat, when the wind is howling and blowing snow. so peaceful.  Till now.  I'm writing this blog before i get dressed up to go outside and shovel snow.  YAY. ah, i wait for moments like this all year!  NOT.  I'm watching "Bubble Guppies" right now and watched "Kong" last night. Tonight...i may watch "Paw Patrol". YEAH. The cat let me (us) sleep in today. Good cat.
Lets see, on our calendar for this month: Superbowl tonight, Presidents day, then 2 weeks from now, Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day. Wow, and the month won't even be half over!
ok, I've put shoveling off long enought. Nuts.
Enjoy the blissarly weekend.
I'm off.