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So here we are, nice Saturday, but snow covered and icy unerneath. But its  still much much better than -5 below zero.  Today is sleep in Saturday and i did that too. The cat also slept in. So we've charged our batteries and are ready for whatever comes our way.
I'm thinking about celebrating by ordering a pizza for dinner tonight. "Maybe?"
But thats 5 hours away. Lots to get done before then.
I did manage, before i fell asleep in the chair last night, to watch "Toho's " animation Godzilla. They're serious with their story line. I hope they're not thinking about making it into a weekly TV series.
Otherwise, I've found some new shows to watch: " Bubble Guppies", Peppa pig and our parental favore, Paw Patrol. I just knew out of 400 cable channels i could find something i liked.
Ok, I'm off