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slippery Thursday. talk about black ice...

The recycle cart tipped over when the snow Underneath it melted.  I called the city and they're coming back. I went out, before breakfast, i might add, and picked it up and the top layer of recyclebles.  so, i noticed that the snow in my driveway, is gone!  I just have to clear the driveway by the street. That is still as hard as cement.  Did i mention that it is raining out too?  well, it is. just like a mist, but it does get you wet.
Hear that an old family store i grew up with, is closing. "Van Balls Meat Market"  has closed its doors. Wow, I remember holding my grampa's hand when we'd go up there to get pork chops or liver or whatever grocery's gramma wanted. I must have been about 6 or 7 years old.  it's gone.
things change. sometimes, not for the good.
ok, I'm off.

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