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Flying Dragons, and flapping leather wings....Yes, it's Skyrim.

Spent a great Sunday, watching and feeling the thermometer slowly inch up till we're at 33 degrees!  Much much better than 3 below!
Had a very rude awakening this morning. My black feral cat got in heat. And she was talking to my cat scooter. which is ok, except scooter sleeping with me, so i was almost in the middle of hearing these two young lovers talk back and forth, from 3:40AM till 6:00Am. not good for a good nights sleep.
But hey, its going to turn to rain shortly, and i'm hopping that will cool off the outdoors cat. I hope.
Today is soggy Monday but not a whole lot of work to do, except remove the 3 inches of snow we got last night.
I've got the minutes of the club's meeting to finish and then publish them. ah...if it anit one thing....
ok, I'm off

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