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So it begins.  Let's all go out and stand on the street corner and freeze. Then twit we're having fun, while i'll toes and fingers turn blue.
But the cat and I already have our plans.  His, cuddle up on my lap while I stroke his hair and tell him how majestic he is. Me, either getting involved with "Skyrim" or " Fallout 4".
When i was 5 or 7 years old, mom would get all dolled up and go out on New Years eve. I'd stay home and have potato chips with philidalia cream cheese dip and a glass of 7 up. I would usually watch TV's Channel 3, The elevent hour theater. hosted by John Marshal. The last movie i remember seeing, before i fell asleep on the couch was "D.O.A." with Huge O'Brian. That was a wonderful memory.
Ok, I'm off