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Yup.. I still feel like a little kid.

ah, the walks i'd take and smell the aroma coming from neighbors fireplaces: what a wonderful smell. and the cruching of boots in hard snow. ah.....and the -9 below zero that greeted me this morning. I could live without that, thank you very much.
it is cold. i think this is a good time to have heat up a pot of French Candian pea soup. Yum. Habitat, of course.
Today is cold Wednesday. no matter how cold it is, i have outdoor stuff i need to get done. and i will too. "Have you ever felt your jeans freeze to your legs?"  Not a nice feeling.  So i end up changing pants, socks and whatever got frozen outside.
And this is only the last week in December! Whats the rest of the winter going to be like.
ok, enjoy your friends and spread love.
I'm off