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I remember all the wonderful sights and sounds past Christmas's had with it. The wonderful aroma of baked, "everything!", to all the outdoor decorations. What a wonderful time it was.
Last night, my neighbor took me out to dinner. YAY ME!  Now that was totally unexpected, but oh so nice. Denny's was really crowded too. But it was a fun time.
Till i got home and watched the temperature drop to 6 degrees, with the wind howling and snow blowing. Yet, I'd rather have this than 93 degrees for 5 days. Thank you very much.
Till i have to go out and shovel it, that is. wow, i had to quit shoveling yesterday because my fingers were aching due to the cold. Like needles in my fingers.
But, I hope all of you shared in the joy of the Christmas spirit. "Love each other, as I have loved you!". Words from GOD.
Merry Christmas