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one more day to go...

Had a pretty good TGIF, if i do say so myself. I actually got more snow and ice out of of the driveway. and, also got a tip on where to get de-icer that will really work! ( Thanks Tim M)
Went grocery shopping: 45 minutes shopping-45 mintues waiting at the check out. Wow. They were really busy yesterday. Funny, on the way home, the road wasn't that busy?  I got my perscription filled, thanks to my neighbor and mailed out a batch of Chrsitmas cards.  Pretty good TGIF.
Now, Cartoon Saturday, I'll try and watch " Paw Patrol" on Nick jr. Yes folks, I've been reduced to watching or searchng for cartoons to watch on TV instead of their normal faire.
I've been listening to UHF ham radio and can't wait to mount the aeria on the tower. YAY me.
Ok, time to wake up
I'm off

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