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Yes, only 4 more days and then we all wait for that jolly man to show up. No, not Santa, I mean the UPS driver. YAY.  Santa subcontracted this year. YAY.
I am real thankful we had yesterdays 45 degree day. I got to shovel a lot of snow off the driveway and put a nice dent in the driveway. Now a car can make it up my driveway.  Till Sunday or Monday. Then we get hit with another artic clipper. This is more going to feel like a Luxury liner. you know, big, long and takes a long time moving through.  oh boy.
This is a Christmas present I really only wanted for 48 hours or so. Now 2 maybe 4 weeks!  And tomorrow is winter Solstice : the shortest day of the year. YAY. Then we start all over again. It's crazy, isn't it?
Ok, I'm off rolling out the trash cart and maybe, walk up to the avenue. Maybe.
I'm off