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Ho Ho Ho....The artic cliper is upon us.

snow, snow and temp of 19.  YAY. Now this is winter. I'm doing my HAPPY DANCE, because i get to go out and shovel and wheel out the recycle and trash carts in snow. YAY. This should be fun!   "FILM AT 11".
Received my last TMNT Dvd. yup. I think they're going to let the guys go slowly off in the celuloide sunset. Wipes amaginary tear off cheek. ah. it was fun and humorous while it lasted. all 4 years or so.
Now, on to what???  I've no idea. the waste land of TV is just that. wastefull.
well, time to change jeans and shoes. Yes, you know what that means.  "RIGHT!"    snow shoveling. YAY ME.
I'm off

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