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I put CupKate's Santa back up. I miss her.

So today is bitterly cold Tuesday. I may and may not shovel anything today. it's 19 and dropping. So i'll just kind of "take it easy", since I've become an Old Man.  Well, thats what some of my friends are saying to me.
I did a good thing. I"m trying to talk a feral cat inside, but no go. except, he's talking with me now and he doesn't run away when I go to feed. him. I also ordered another 20 lb bag of cat food for the outside critters.  Tonight is net night. should be interesting. I'm supposed to make up a topic for the net. it's easy to talk about it now, but when the net starts, one's mind goes blank. oh well.
off to pet the scooter cat.
I'm off