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Why am i so happy? " Why, it's my 68th Birthday!" YAY ME.

I spent last night thinking of my past 68 years. Wow. all the things that i've seen and went through. WOW. again, with feeling.  And here i am, with a cat cuddled up in my lap, me petting him all the while telling him what a special boy he is. ( actually, i used the word Majestic- he prefers that word).
So today, I'll celebrate it by 1. empting out the trash can in the kitchen. 2. doing the laundry. 3. looking up a receipe for Apple-Cabbage stew or soup. and 4. having some company over later on. and the good part, 5. bring really good cloeths to Goodwill. Now thats the real way to celebrate anything.
Helping others.
Ok, off to look for my german chocolate cake. yum yum.
I'm off


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