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Day two, of upgrading WIndows 7.

and they stuck skype on my desktop!  Oh good. Now i had to remove that just to speed it up.  lets see, 141 plus 81....222 files were updated!  I wonder if MS is getting ready to ditch Windows 7?
Well i had a surprize last night. got up to use the bathroom at 2AM and spotted a cat resting on my front porch!  It was 25 degrees outside!  I opened the door and tryed to talk him inside, but he was way too Skittish to come to my call. So, standing outside in 25 degree weather, I tried meowing to the cat. no good. oh well.  Scooter kept a watch from then to i got up at 7AM. Then I decided to try and feed him. I got his favorite breakfast and presto: he had found a safer place to lay down. I fed him and off he goes.
Some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets. Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed!
ok, back to work
I'm off