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"Here comes the snow"

and the artic temps. Last night we had a thunderstorm, with lightening and thunder. and rain.  Not today. Today is the kind of weather Santa Claus likes. Me Too.
ah. I've waited through all that 94 degree days just to get here. "YAY".  ( now lets all do a Happy Dance on a table or something solid)
Well, I pulled on my secretary hat yesterday, and spent more time than i should have removing line breaks and pasting the Clubs constitution and By-Laws into Word.  Then, I joined them by Adobe Acrobat and made one neat document. Oh am i something, or what!
Today, Laundry and go up and down, then up and down the stairs again. Talk about exercise.
But it needs to be done.
ok, off to start the Santa watch.
I'm off

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