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no snow in the forecast till after my birthday???

What gives?  This is supposed to be winter, isn't it? So whats with all this sun shine and warm temperatures.  I think the calendar makers are trying to goof us up, by showing us the wrong month on their calendars.  This is just a guess, but somethings not right.
Received the printed newsletter last night. All 100 of them. Now i have to hand address them. Nuts.
I've got more work to do in designing the newsletter, like allow for an address label. Normally, i'd just print the address on the back page, but I'm not printing this. I don't have a laser printer, and using an inkjet is not the way to go. ( I think the noise scares the squirrels and out door critters!)
maybe next issue.
today i'll spend hand addressing envelopes. ah...the good life.
Ok, I'm off

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