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The Bird is almost here......

Yeah, I made it. I walked up to the avenue in 39 degree weather and got what i wanted. of course, the walk back seemed much colder than the walk up there. It was. My mittens didn't keep the warmth in on the second walk back. But i made it and then i had a nice hot cup of coffee. YAY me. Now if i only smoked.....a cigarette and a cup of coffee in the morning really hit the spot. But oh no, I had to quit my nasty habits so i would become "Healthy".  It actually paid off too. I do have much more energy and i do sleep better too. who could tell just quiting all the nasty stuff would help promote this nice feeling. like i said, I wish i still smoked. at lease today, with this cup of coffee.......
I tried my automatic rice cooker yesterday.  I made enough rice for the whole year!   The Chinese really need to work on their translators, from Chinese to English.  But it worked ok.
ok, back to the formating thing.
I'm off


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