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make it on Santa's "nice List". So, who knows, Maybe i'll get that Lionel train set, or Erector set. Hey, i know, a Colecole computer / game consol. Yeah. now that's what every good boy want's to find on Christmas morning under the tree.
And yes, I didn't get my picture taken with Santa.  Oh well. I did pet the imaginary Reindeer. that was something.
I'm talking about Santa due to it being Thanksgiving Week. Santa came to town last Saturday and that means, either 1. Santa is here or 2. the Detroit Lions play football on Thursday. oh, and the Turkey day.
it's a busy week.
I may brave the COLD and walk up to the avenue to get my monthly eggs. Also, we seem to have a new bar where the Kare and Judo studion was. I had many times thought of goting there to learn those ancient skills, but the Master retired. sigh.  Lesson to be learned: Do it now, don't wait.
ok, I'm off