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Tsuru Hiromi passed away.

She was the voice actress of Dragon ball's Bulma and others.
she was found unconscious in her car on the expressway and passed away before reaching the hospital. She was still voicing Bulma in Dragon Ball Super.

Yesterday evening, Hiromi Tsuru was discovered unconscious in a car on along the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo. The vehicle was stopped, the hazard lights were on, and Tsuru was still wearing her seatbelt.

According to Asahi News, the famed voice actress was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Tsuru was only 57 years old.

There were no external wounds and no sign of an accident. Police believe it’s highly likely she died from an illness. According to Sankei News, authorities are investigating the exact cause.

Update November 17 - 6:30am: It’s now being reported that Tsuru died from aortic dissection.


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