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I really think I'm surrounded by idiots.....

As some of you know, and thank you all so very much for all your kind and thoughtful words and thoughts, I had to put my 16 year old pooch to sleep last Wednesday. Well, that night I was supposed to go to a club meeting, but really didn't want to see anyone: doing this always hits be very hard. So I didn't go. The next day I get two phone calls. the first was from a guy whom I thought was my friend, but hasn't called me since February. This dude, starts off telling me my last 3 dogs should have been put to sleep before I got them! What an A.H.!!! Lets see, I had Yogi for 5 years, Keiko for 1 and Blaze for 3!. I should'nt have adopted them, just put them to sleep on the about kicking somebodies ass..... then I get this second call, from the club president, telling me my old "best Friend" , the one who lied to me and betrayed me, upon hearing about my putting down my pooch, said I always spend too much time and money on my animals.......this, from a guy whose doberman went blind in one eye, and didn't want to deal with that: he dropped the dog off to our vet and asked him to put him down, while he simply left. Gads......
Well, I did simmer down, but you know, I've already started planning on giving an abandoned pooch, especially a Samoyed, a forever home.

ok, now I'll quit bitching, and go and enjoy this wonderful weather.

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