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"Hey, it's TGIF" and that means, Rainy Saturday and Sunday. YAY us.

Well, thats what the weather pronostigator suggested.  I think a more accurate forecast would be, Fall followed by winter!. See, now isn't that simpler to plan on?
So here we are. I spent way too much time removing http script from serveral documents that i shouldn't have had to do. But I did any way. and now i'll spend today attemping to design the newsletter document that i should be able to use for the coming year. hopefully.
 Did i mention i started watching "Dragon Ball"? well I did, i had forgotten how delightful and funny it was. I'm not sure, but i don't think you can purchase the old DragonBall series.  Shame. it is so humorus and fun to watch. I was giggling and smiling at the same time.  go try that at I-Max.
ok, enjoy the soggy weekend. and stay well.
I'm off

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