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Must mean something good is going to happen or it already has, only I'm not aware of it?
So, here we are, sun shining Thursday. A little blue sky and sun, and 36 degrees.  It must be November.
This month, season sure is going fast.  In this cold, i have to roll the carts back, two for me and one for my friend. They always leave her cart blocking her driveway. not good.
 So i become a "Doo-Bee" and move it away so she can drive in her driveway.
I guess its true, I am a legend in my own mind!
I almost have the club's newsletter done. at lease article and information wise that is. The look of it is a differnt story. Still desiding on the format of it.
ok, time to quit hedging, I have to go out in the cold. buuurrrrrrr.
Ok, I'm off