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see, I'm one happy dude today.

Why, you may inquire.  WHy it's Happy roll out the carts day. YAY. and i did it in the cold rain too. again, YAY.  I must be nuts, huh.  Oh well, I'm walking on the sunny side of the street today. Got two invites for Thanksgiving day dinner,  Yes, i am indeed nuts. Before all this attention, I'm plop in a swanson TV dinner and go watch the Detroit Lions football game. All the while petting one of my Samoyed pooches. Now, I have Scooter the cat and he's very contend to just lay down and snooze through old age. This may be a good thing. Yes, i did revew my AARP membership. It actually pays for itself through the coupons and discounts.
Got last Thursdays blood work back: I'm ok. So now the Dr. doesn't want to see me for 6 months. Yay. then it's a complete physical with fasting too.
and there shall be snow. Not for todays Deer hunting season, it's just plain cold November rainy day.
ok, I'm off