Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

18 degrees and snow covered!

I"m not really ready for this, but hey, it's almost fun. You can't slide on it, and i don't think its slippery. Yet.
Well, yesterday's Dr.'s visito could have went better. I'm ok and all the tests came back normal. YAY. But i had two Dr.'s  check me out. One a resident from downtowns' medical school.  That part went well. it was then that my Dr wanted me to just get a simple blood test. and he didn't want to see me till May 2018.
Well, to register for giving blood, you have to touch this computer screen, pick the launage, the start, enter your first name and press finish. All went well till i attempted to press finish, my finger slipped and i must have pressed cancel. people came in, regristered and were taken before me. so i regristered again. this time it worked. yay. then i was taken in for the test. guess what....she couldn't find a usualble vein. So she poked here, and there, and finally, did it on the top of my hand. presto. it took.
today, my left arm looks like a pin custion. but it doesn't hurt, so that is good. YAY.
ok, it TGIF. enjoy the COLD weekend.
I'm off

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