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it's Happy, cold, snowy Thursday. Yay us.

Today is visit the Dr. day. I get the results of my blood test and we check on my BP medicines.  YAY me.
We're going to have snow today and cold, yet tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day this season. So i did get most of the fall stuff done that i would usually get done before the first snow fall.
Now, to have my driveway plowed this year, or not. I really think i need the exercise more than i need my wallet emptied to a snow plowing service. But........if we get a dozey winter, I may have no choice.
Wait and see.
Well i can tell I'm going to need to get warmer shirts for this winter.  Losing all this weight also got rid of a lot of warm promoting fat. ( the technical term is hard to spell: antipose cells) Now I don't have that much tissue to layer me against the cold. burrrrrr.
ok, so that is really lame, but I do need to do something about it.
Ok, I'm off

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