Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Beautiful TGIF and I get a sore throat!

and the chills and maybe even a fever.  YUK. I didn't have time to be / get sick yesterday. I haven't had a sore throat or stuffed up sinuses in years!  So now i wait and see if i can get two days worth of work done in one day.  If i feel better. Yuck.
I was in a ptiiful state last night: feeling sick and wanting to be doing something. anything except being sick.  Nice try. I stayed sick .  Till i got up this morning. it had lessened up some what. YAY. Now if it just goes awy by this afternoon.......
These things have their own course and time to go through. They never asked me if it was ok..
ok, I'll shut up and just stay quiet.
I'm off

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