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This could be the last warm week of 2017.

We've got a cold spell followed by winter heading this way. Not all at once, but it'll creep along and make no pit stops. I'm glad. it's beautiful at this time of year. The seasons are so colorful.  It makes me glad I'm living here. Don't get me wrong, the desert looks beautiful too, but i like the  extream temperature changes.
Today is Happy Wednesday ( everyday is Happy to me) because I get to roll out the carts. YAY me. Almost feel like jumping on the table and doing my happy dance. But i'd probably slip and fall and hurt myself.  But I'm still happy today. The cat let me sleep in 15 minutes longer than i wanted. Actually, i wanted to sleep in : it's better for my arthritis is i give all the joints a much needed rest. But the cat said get up. So i got up, fed him. and he jumped onto my lap and went to sleep!  I nerve of some animals!
oh well.
I'm off

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