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"Woe there pony.......Now thats what I call sticker shock!"

I just caught my breath after finding out that a little old roll off trash bin, jumped up in price. From $240.00 to between $400.00 to $450.00!! Wait a minute????? Is trash costing more to get rid of??? Thats a pretty big jump. Now I'll have to wait till next month. I saved, but not that much. yikes....
Ok...Now back to normal programing. I got my "Radar men from the Moon" DVD's today. yippie skippy. Yeahs...I also played the first two episodes of "Diry Pair". Now that really kicks. Its nice to see a series where nobody has edited anything out. ahhhhhhh.
ok. now to get ready for Good Friday. I have to lay my cross down till 5PM later today. This is only the 2nd day of the year when I do not say prayers. Silence......

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