Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

one of our LJ members made me that icon. Processor, I miss you.

Didn't think I'd do it, but yesterday i mowed the lawn and swept the sidewalk and raked the driveway. Yes, raked the driveway: it's still dirt and that makes it easier to clean up after mowing and raking up all the neighbors maple tree leaves in the fall. Like now.
Then i watched the last episode of "Star Trek Vayager".  Thank you Netflix. Now if only they'd rebroadcast "Super Mansion"......
So today is heavy work: move my neighbors heavy yard waste cart out to the curb. it is heavy. but i think i can do it.
I fed the two outdoor cats: one is all black and the other one is young wearing a collar. friendly and he likes me.  I stay away from the albino  skunk.
well, no time like the present.
I'm off
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