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hard to believe we're about 3 weeks away from Halloween.

"What are you going as?" Me, as a guy holding a purring cat.  So here we are on Sunday.  A nice quiet, peaceful Sunday. Sun's out, a tad breezy and not one storm in sight. For us, that is.
 I'm going to fire up "Skyrim" and see if i can attain level 60. for some reason, I always have had to restart the RPG when i get up to level 60.
Time to visit sophia and M. they've been busy this week and I had my other stuff to do. like listen to the club minutes from this past Friday. And get the minutes done on time this time. There isn't any fixed time to get them done, but i like to make sure it's acturate for what went on. a hard thing to do.
ok, I'm off

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