Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

it's soggy Wednesday, and yes, i got wet.

I had to push the carts out to the curb. it was actually misting over here, but enough to get my hair damp. Nice feeling.  and its going to get cooler over the week. YAY. But no reindeer will be seen or hear yet. YET.
Well, I looked up "Destiny 2" yesterday after hearing how my friend in Germany  was playing it as a team. That got me thinking. I may ask my "Skyrim" friend if he'd be interested in going on line with a game.
I parked all three carts out on the curb a while ago. I raked some leafs and sticks up yesterday afternoon. Still have more to do, but need an empty cart to put them in.
So today is goof around day. Still thinking about designing a nice doggie friendly website.????
I'll let you know when i get there.
ok, I'm off

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