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"Mom, why did you and dad get married?? Why cause I have a good Dental plan!"

LOL. Bunnnnnyyyyy replied to a comment I made about me marrying her cause she has a good dental and health care plan. She shot back, in a pretend voice, "mommy, ...the above line in my subject area" Well, it is more economic than saying you got married cause she looks great in jeans. ( not just her, but anybody for that matter)
I still am waiting to view "Dirty Pair Flash collection". I was watching "3X3" last night, the final couple of episodes.
Yes, I am an anime fan. I'm totally amazed by what animators can accomplish with just ink, paint, oil and computer Generated imagines. ( I still haven't found a film or movie that can come even close to the emotional impact that "Grave of the Fireflies" invokes.
Now its about time to finish my viewing for the evening. I woke up really late today: this weather is knocking me for a loop. yuck. sinuses, blocked nose, dripping sinuses. and daylight saving time.. gads thats awfull....

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