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it's Happy Monday. YAY us.

Why is it "Happy Monday?"  I don't know. Do you?  I guess its just a way i greet each day of the week. Did a small laundry yesterday, so i could free up today. I have early fall raking to do and clean up the back yard junk. yuck.
It's interesting about losing weight. I first decided to lose weight back in 1971 or so. I was really over weight, like 320 lbs. Yikes!  Well the Dr. and i developted a reduction plan and it had a 5 year time limit. the only thing we couldn't decide on was the end weight. Neither of us knew what weight i should be at. so......I, like a fool, dropped to 155 lbs. Like i said, what a fool.  I then came down with the flu and oh boy, I'll never go down to that weight again! I didn't have any body reserves, just skinny me. So, jump to the present time, and I had quit smoking and decided to let the weight go, because, according to the Dr., He could treat over weight problems, but not so good lung cancer. So here i am, close to the target weight, whatever that is, and i have to decide what to stay at. I'm thinking 215 or so.
ok, more later.
I'm off