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just last week at this time, it was 72 at night and 90 during the day. now, 40 at night and 60's during the day. Welcome to Michigan.
The cat and I slept in today. we fell out of bed at 10:00AM.  What a great way to greet October!  Now if it would only rain.... Nope, not till Thursday and then about 4 drops will fall, someplace in the area.
I mowed the front lawn yesterday, where it needed it, but left the curb alone. it was almost dried up!
My neighbor saved me a walk up to the gas station yesterday: she had to get air in her cars tires. So i spent $2.54 for a gallon of gas.  That should last me till next year at this time.
So this week, i rake the fallen leaves and fill the yard waste cart. Yay.
Enjoy the October. What costume will you all be wearing for trick or treating??
I'm off ( my rocker!)