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Ah......goodbye 90 plus till next year..welcome 70's nice to be able to turn the AC off and just feel the nice breeze and cool temps....YAY us.
In face, I'm so juiced, i'm planing on walking up to the avenue and get "eggs". Yeah, you heard right. I need the exercise and the eggs are good for ya. especially the first thing in the morning. Yum.
So today is trash cart day and its already sitting outside. Last night i had my computer guru over and we talked about building a new computer This "Thor" is 12 years old. it will not last forever.   So back to the drawing board with what i need.  How about a 285 with 2 megs of ram and a 20 meg hard drive?? LOL.  I'd settle for a nice 486DX so i can play all those old games i loved so much.
It just occured to me: I haven't walked up to the avenue sine 2 weeks ago!  So much for hot weather.  In september!
ok, i'm off

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