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After seeing what the weather is achieving right now, I'm almost dreding what winter will bring. Maybe i should get a snow plowing service? I'll wait and see.
So, the comcast guy was here for over 1 1/2 hours, doing a lot of work, inside and out. it all, TV and Internet work better and faster. I am surprized that the cable modem failed after only 1 year. the  first one lasted over 2 years.
So today, we can expect another record breaking temp of over 90 degrees. But oh wait till Thursday and beyond. We're about to catch up and how.
So today i spend looking for a new motherboard and cpu: yup, if it aint one thing, its another. My computer is breaking down!  Gosh, and its only 11 years young  too!
ok, time for the cat.
I'm off