Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

9/11/2001 do you remember where you were and how you heard..

Yes, I've always wanted to go to the site where the two towers were, and read everyt single name on the memorial.  I may just do that.
Wow, how much the world has changed since then. My gosh!  From then to now, is like an episode from the "Twilight Zone". If it wasn't so scary, you'd pinch yourself to see if you were awake. Well, you, we are. As I said, The world has changed so much since then.
I finally figured out that my A.S.'s another feature I've heard about, but not experienced. Till the last couple of months: Fatigue. Yuck. I thought i was just lazy. But that doesn't fit me. I don't usually start something unless I can finish it. But to wake up tired after 8 hours of sleeping with Scooter the cat acting like an electric blanket, didn't make much sense. " The Golden Years". Remember?

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