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Blue Monday....But did manage to get a lot done..

I called the folks at Antec. They are going to send me a new power supply with out waiting for the return. I asked them that so far, I have missed the bullet by not having my motherboard spiked, but what kind of guarantee do they have should the power supply blow the motherboard. They said I could send them a claim. Hunnnnn. Well, maybe...
I wonder, if any of you had had a computer power supply transformer blow up, how trusting would you be in installing another power supply?? How about if two power supplies blew up??
What to do... First, I'll ups this supply and think things over.
Now for the really exciting things..... The guy I loaned my Uniden Bearcat scanner to, hasn't returned it, even though he promised he would over this past weekend. Instead, he showed up Monday night for dinner and then put the wings channel on....

I thought this dude was my best friend, cause I simply do not have a whole peck of them right now. I guess it must be something about me, that saids " Sucker!".
If somebody wants to lie to me, well thats their choice. But to do it in my house, eye to eye, and then show up 2 days later and pretend as if nothing has happened? Nope. Na Da.
So, I loaded up all the crap he's bough me over the last week and put them in a bag. he didn't take them when he left.
I can't believe how much I liked using that scanner. Why in hell I loaned it to him is beyond me. No, it isn't. He was a friend who a request.
But you know something, I really don't need friends that bad...

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