Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Theres nothing wrong with your picture....we're controling the verical....

Yeah right.  Great TV series when it came on. Now days, it would be way too tame... not enough blood and shooting. and don't forget "romance". oh yuckie poo!
I had a pleasent surprize yesterday. I had just finished mowing and trimming the yard when my neighbor called to ask if i would like to go out and get icecream. Her dog also asked for me to go too. Turns our it was her Birthday, which i had forgotten again.....YET!
How am i ever going to remember dates if i don't write them down?  I may try to use my smarty-pants phones.  we'll see.
So today is pickup Sunday. all that debris from trimming the bushes and such. I've still got to pick it up.
and my PS-3 is seeing it's last legs.  When i think i first got it and how much i used it, it doesn't own me a thing!
Did i watch TV last night? Yup. the "Thundermans" on Nicktoons. Don't ask me why, but it kind of takes my mind away from the non-sense going on in the world right now. and escapist stuff is just what the Dr. ordered.
ok, off to read the funnies.
I'm off

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