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ah, cool TGIF and maybe rain?

But it does look like my  Sony PS-3 has bit the dust. "When did i get that anyway?" . I know it was over 2 years ago. Sad to see a piece of electronic device go down. Hey, with all the enjoyment and learning i got from it, it was worth it and it more than paid for itself. ten times over!
I looked around for the best price for a PS-4, and guess what?  How about PS-5!!  No kidding their already talking about when it will be released. ps-4 will be good enough for me.
So now onto me writting the newsletter. Its' tough work!  I don't know these people because I just met some of them and still don't know all they contribute. Thats where I am now. But I'm getting there. The rest of the world may be watching the solar thing a ma bob, but i'll be looking at Word processor and getting the lead out.  I hope.
Oh, its grocery day today. Yay me.
I'm off