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" I don't believe it......."

I turned on my trusty ZERO THE THIRD, ( the name I gave my computer) and within 21 minutes, I had fire and flashes of light coming out of the fan duct on the power supply. Remember, this is the Replacement ANTEC 350 watt power supply I just got 2 weeks ago and that I just installed last week Monday. "What gives?"
Once again, I missed the bullet. It didn't seem to do anything to my computer. Thank you God. I really don't need to replace this now.
So, tomorrow I'll give the folks over at ANTEC a call and tell them I like their case but I simply don't trust their power supplies. I wonder what kind of deal they'll come up with? I just bought the case and power supply last January, ( this year!) and the transformer blew up within 3 weeks.
If it aint one thing.......
and my air plane friend hasn't returned my brand new scanner that I haven't even read the manual yet. I'm thinking of giving him the scanner and calling it quits between us.
I really do not like being used. Gee, I guess I must be one selfish bastard, huh...

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